Becky Roethlisberger

Meet Becky Roethlisberger

I was the kid who begged to be outside all the time. I couldn’t sit still, so in warm months my mom fed me breakfast and lunch outside, hosed me off for dinner, and usually let me run around in my pajamas before bed every day.  I worked at several Girl Scout Camps through my college years, lead biking and backpacking trips through northern Michigan and Wisconsin, and eventually ended up working at Appalachian Outfitters and Kendall Cliffs in Ohio. Twists and turns brought me to Powers Sales Group, but I had already known Sam for about 15 years before we started working together. The outdoor industry has been my introduction to new people, places and activities. To say this is a job, or even a career, is an understatement. I am one of the lucky few who lives my passions everyday. And I get to work in one of the most beautiful places in the country. When I tell people everyday is like a vacation, I’m not exaggerating. I enjoy kayaking the Apostle Islands, canoeing the Missouri River, fly fishing Northern Michigan or Western Pennsylvania and backpacking on Isle Royale. My dream trip is traveling through northern China with nomadic camel herders making my way into Russia and spending time with the reindeer herders. Then I’d hop the Trans-Siberian railroad and head (eventually) back into civilization. I’d also like to canoe the Porcupine River from Whitehorse to the mouth of the Yukon River then hike the Chilkoot Pass before heading home. You could also convince me to canoe the Wabakimi River.

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