Abby Russell

Meet Abby Russell

Raised on a farm in Indiana, attended college in Ohio, spent over a decade in Kentucky, and now ending up in beautiful Michigan, I come to Powers Sales Group with an understanding of the Midwest and a passion for outdoor adventures.  I have been a sales rep since 2006, previously working for YETI Coolers and Tom’s of Maine before joining the Powers Sales Group in 2018.  In my free time you can usually find me trying the seize the day on my mountain bike, dirt bike, motorcycle, skis, snowmobile, paddle board, or yoga mat. Moments spent in the outdoors and with loved ones are the times I value the most.  It's in those moments where I always feel the most alive, grateful, happy, and connected, so the thought of encouraging and enabling those opportunities for others is something that drives me.  People seem busier than ever these days; everyone seems to constantly multi-task and time is always very limited.  Bad news and negative events surround us daily, making it even more important to celebrate what’s right, what’s beautiful, and what’s valuable in the world. That precious time we spend unplugging and savoring life shouldn't be wasted trying to figure out how something works or ruined by subpar products. I enjoy witnessing how the brands we represent inspire others, how they face new challenges, and how they evolve and adopt more innovative and sustainable practices that make our world a better place.  I love how the retailers play a role in their local community, so I feel like if I can help them thrive, I help their community thrive, too.  I revel in the joy that a pair of shoes or a warm coat can bring someone.  That is why I do what I do and where I find value daily.  I'm so grateful and proud to be a part of the team at Powers Sales Group.

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